MedcomP Medical Billing & MGMT 

  • 24-Hour claims processing
  • Electronic billing to Medicare, Medi-Cal, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna and more than 600 other insurance companies
  • 14-27 days payment turnaround time for electronic claims
  • Paper billing to primary and secondary insurance companies
  • Patient billing, statements, follow-up collection letters and follow-up phone calls
  • Claims follow-up with insurance company
  • Payment posting electronically and manually
  • Secure access to your accounts
  • Appointment schedule
  • Analyze and update CPT, ICD-10 and HCPCS 
  • HIPAA compliant

  • Accounts Receivable & Aging
  • Payment Reports
  • Procedure/Diagnostics Reports
  • Production/Statistical Analysis
  • Daily/Monthly/Yearly Reports
  • Transaction Reports
  • Recall Lists
  • Other personalized reports to meet your specific needs
  • All of these reports can be summarized by provider, insurance company, department, location, procedure, diagnostics, etc.  Such reports can help you achieve long-term strategies for increasing your profit potential. 


  • Let MedComp take a look at your situation.  Don't give up on those old receivables.  We can help you collect!   

employee payroll

billing system assessment

Our services can be obtained as a full service or individually. 


With over two decades of managerial experience in physicians’ office billing and medical management in California, MedComp understands the fundamentals of medical office procedures required to help any size medical practice get organized and improve overall business operations to increase efficiency and profits.

Our medical management services include full office setup of new or established practices, which includes staff evaluation and training, technology assessment, billing system set-up, bookkeeping and evaluation of practice for profit and loss.



We provide proven training methods specifically designed to help the entire office staff increase overall customer service and improve profits through greater efficiency.


Our technical assessment can determine whether your computer systems and software are saving you time or, as is more often the case, creating more work for your staff.                           

For customers who prefer to maintain an internal billing system, we can help you choose the appropriate software and system that suits your office. We not only can help you set up your system, but we also can train your staff to ensure that you maximize your investment.               


We can provide financial analysis and profitability metrics to help track special contracts and specific procedures for profit or losses.  

Medical management service

staff evaluation & training

HR & bookkeeping

comprehensive reports

Keep track of invoices and previous payments
License tracking, membership dues, and other payables

Profit and Loss
Cash Flow Forecast

Credit and Debt tracking

Payroll Tax
Tracking sick days, vacation time, and other employee



Billing & connection services

financial reports & graphs

bank reconciliation

technology assessment

take over old receivables

profitability  tracking

computerized accounts payable