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MedComp, established in 1992, is owned and operated by
Jennifer Lee. Ms. Lee has twenty-one years of experience
in physicians’ office billing and management in California.
We provide services to doctors in every specialty and to any
size medical practice. MedComp is HIPAA compliant, and
one of the very few medical-billing services certified by
Medicare-Transamerica Occidental. Although the new carrier, National Heritage Insurance Company (NHIC), has
discontinued vendor certification, we take pride in having
passed the extensive test process.
At MedComp all of us are aware of the sensitivity of the
information that is entrusted to us, and therefore we adhere
to strict confidentiality regualtions;any information our
Our services result in improved income for your practice,
faster cash flow, better control of your practice, and higher
clients send to our office is used only for insurance billing purposes.
Information that is not used is
returned to the client’s office, or
shredded by bonded professionals.
We take pride in our HIPPA
compliancy and have strict security
measures in place to ensure
patient satisfaction. We take pride
in our work, so that your claims are
entered accurately the first time.
Our goal is to make your medical
practice more efficient and more
profitable. MedComp can provide
the solutions to your practice
management problems.
information is protected. After hours, all patient related
information is locked up, and our internet access is
protected by both firewall and strong user authentication.