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Medcomp services result in more income for your practice and higher patient satisfaction! With over two decades of outstanding customer service, MedComp is highly recommended by 100% satisfied customers. We strive to be more than just a billing service; we make sure that your practice is running as efficiently as possible, giving you the ability to focus on your patients.

"When I began my first solo practice I was inexperienced in office procedures and my billing system was a mess. Jennifer's impressive organizational skill enabled her to set up and organize a complete, fully functioning office, including a bookkeeping system.  I have a very high rate of collection revenue thanks to her effectiveness at handling them."

-J.K., M.D. (Cardiovascular Disease)

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MedComp was established in 1992.  With over two decades of managerial experience in physicians’ office billing and medical management in California, MedComp understands the fundamentals of medical office procedures required to help any size medical practice get organized and improve overall business operations to increase efficiency and profits.

At MedComp we provide services to doctors in every specialty and to any size medical practice. MedComp is HIPAA compliant.

"MedComp has been a lifesaver for my practice. 7 years ago, when my practice was having trouble with revenue we found MedComp. With Jennifer's management and billing expertise she was able to troubleshoot the situations that were causing my revenue problems. Now, thanks to Jennifer, my accounts receivable rate is very high and exceeds my overhead."

- W.K., M.D. (Multi-specialty)

"Jennifer's skills, abilities, and performance has always impressed me. She is thorough in her approach to office management. She manages my practice and also provides billing and collections service. She is detail-oriented and she understands the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. Her management of my practice has helped keep me in business with all the changes occurring in Managed Care. She restructured my whole financial system, and now my income more than meets my business expenses."

-A.C., M.D. (Internal Med &Cardiovascular Disease)

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"Jennifer is very reliable and has been very helpful. She set up a billing system that has checks and balances and that works well for my office. She provides full billing service for my practice."

-W.T., M.D. (Internal Medicine, Nephrology)